Apr 15, 2018

Coffee: Dark and Bitter Truth

On average we drink 2-3 of these every day.
If you were to believe the mainstream media coffee is not only harmless - it is a miracle cure for almost every possible disease.
Here is the dark and bitter truth:

Coffee is the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug - legal and unregulated in almost all parts of the world.
Caffeine is a member of the same alkaloid group of addictive stimulants as cocaine and nicotine and similarly requires gradually increased, regular intake to prevent physical withdrawal symptoms ranging from fatigue to vision disturbances.

But did you ever think why coffee gives you a boost of energy? The answer is: It doesn't.
Coffee can't provide energy. Caffeine blocks an important neuromoduator in your body and the energy rush you feel is caused by a chemically induced emergency response in an effort to eliminate a poison. It is energy on credit borrowed from later part of your day and taken away from other important vital functions in your body.

To meet the need for this emergency energy caffeine raises blood sugar and adrenaline levels.
This process enhances perceived psychological and physiological stress levels which means that drinking coffee makes you unable to have a healthy reaction to stressful situations. Think sociopathic and irrational behavior, road rage, paranoia, anxiety, depression and so on.
Caffeine given to lab rats causes them to self-mutilate, attack and fight one another.

If you have a stressful job drinking coffee is the most counter-productive thing you can do.
Caffeine lowers mental activity by decreasing blood flow to the brain by as much as 30% having a negative impact on memory and mental performance.
To make things worse once caffeine leaves the system it rapidly increases brain blood flow causing withdrawal headaches.

Coffee's addictive properties create a vicious circle of addiction where caffeine taken at any time of the day disturbs the deepest and most important phase of sleep effectively leading to increased coffee consumption the next day.

And after caffeine drives the nervous system into a fight-or-flight mode your body cuts off blood flow to your stomach and causes your digestive system to shut down. Any food in your digestive tract is subject to fermentation. At the same time coffee stimulates the secretion of extra hydrochloric acid (HCL) causing indigestion, heartburn and reflux at the same time increasing the risk for ulcers.

Did you ever wonder why coffee is bitter? Caffeine is a poison used by plants as a pesticide. Coffee seeds and leaves are bitter to discourage their consumption.

Apparently we don't get this message, and we should because the amount of health problems related to caffeine consumption is staggering:

Drinking coffee may cause infertility. Caffeine reduces muscle activity in the Fallopian tubes that stop the egg from being moved to the womb. To make things worse caffeine can alter estrogen levels - the primary female sex hormone.
It might also be risky for pregnant women to drink coffee. A study linked caffeine to an increased risk of miscarriage and low birth weight.

Similar to fried meat coffee contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) - a toxic cancer-causing agent. It also contains acrylamide - a highly damaging neurological disruptor and carcinogen.

Caffeine contained in one cup of coffee is enough to cause arterial hardening (atherosclerosis) for at least 2 hours afterwards and puts extra pressure on your heart increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

If that wasn't enough drinking coffee can rapidly accelerate aging. Caffeine has a negative impact on hormones, neurosteroids and protein speeding up skin and organ degradation process.

So if you ever read about "alleged" health benefits of coffee remember this - It’s one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world. Coffee beans can have high levels of chemicals, pesticides and fungi  making it possibly one of the most significant source of toxins in the Western diet on its own.

Combined with sugar and tap water this burned bean soup is literally a daily dose of insanity in a cup.

Mar 25, 2018

Calorie is a lie

What is a calorie?
You know the word but do you know the definition?
Probably not. So here it is:
Calorie is the energy needed to increase the temperature of a given mass of water by 1°C.
Calorie is an energy unit. You can't eat it, you can't exercise it, you can't burn it.
There are no calories in food. Calories don't exist.
Caloric value of food is measured by burning food in a combustion chamber. And that's not how human bodies work.
On average a human body needs 2000 calories a day. But here is the problem with that:
This is 2000 calories and this is 2000 calories.
One will keep you healthy and will help you lose weight, the other will make you sick and will make you gain weight.
Daily calorie intake is a myth. An average body doesn't exist. The human body is not a math equation.
Every food type is utilized differently depending on age, gender, body type, weight, metabolism, hormones, lifestyle, health, meal times, meal combinations, cooking methods, seasons, weather, and many more.
The calorie myth is used by the food industry and media to sell you food products and diet plans.
The food labels and calorie values make no sense. Here is why:
It is not a calorie but a kilocalorie (kcal). This doughnut's energy value is half a million calories or 500 kilocalories. But not 500 calories. The whole world is repeating the same nonsense.
Also calories shown on food labels can legally have a 20% margin of error. No one checks the accuracy of those numbers.
Why is this important? A 2010 study has shown that reading food labels influences eating behaviors and may have impact on your weight and your health.
Every second woman watching this video is on a diet now, in fact women on average spend 17 years of their lives dieting. We all know that most diets are not effective. Any diet based on the idea of calories will fail. Around 80% of people who lost weight will regain all of it or more within two years.
1/3 of all of us are obese. 1/5 of our healthcare related budget is spent on curing obesity-related illnesses. We all pay for this myth.
Losing weight and staying healthy is not based on quantity of food but the quality of food. You can eat as much as you want as long as it is healthy food.
You can now stop counting calories. It won't solve any weight or nutritional problems. It will make it worse.
Be smart. Stay healthy.

Feb 1, 2018

The Real Price of Beauty

"The most common form of despair is not being who you are" - Soren Kierkegaard. This is a short video about how women beauty magazines create a desire to want things most people can't realistically afford.

How much is it to be beautiful according to a beauty magazine? 
Let's find out. 
Total value of all premium fashion and jewelry products in this magazine: $2,449,360 
An average monthly income of a woman over thirty: $3,000
Average price per premium item in this magazine: $10,248 
In fact the woman in this ad alone is wearing jewelry worth $1,548,500 
That's exactly how much a woman earns on average in her LIFETIME. 

Why is it important? 
Because your health is related to your social self-image. 
Social income inequality is directly correlated with higher psycho-social stress, anxiety and higher crime rates. 
Whether you like it or not, you are surrounded by them everywhere. 

How are you supposed to feel when a celebrity worth $230 million advertises jewelry worth $31,000? 

Usually the more jewelry and perfume a woman uses the lower her self-esteem. 
The lower the self-esteem the higher the price tag she is willing to accept. 

How serious is this problem?
$1.59 BILLION serious. 

That's how much readers of this magazine collectively spend on fashion annually.

Here is the price for the most valuable of your possessions:

The real you. $0. 
You don't need things to be yourself.
You don't need things to be beautiful. 
Believe in yourself.
It doesn't cost anything.

Breakfast Cereal is Dessert

If you give breakfast cereal to your children you should watch this video. If you eat cereal and you think you eat a healthy breakfast you should watch this video. This is bitter truth about what food producers do with our trust.

What Coca-Cola Does To Your Bones

What happens when you put a boiled egg in a glass of coca-cola for a few weeks?

Soda is liquid candy

There is a lot of sugar in soda. You know that. What you don't know is that soda is liquid candy. A big bag of candy.

Amalgam Truth: Smoking Teeth And Mercury Toxicity

Open your mouth and look in the mirror.
Do you see any dark fillings? Do your children have them?

They are called "silver" fillings. But they are not made of silver.
They are dental amalgams containing up to 50% mercury - the most neurotoxic compound known to man.
Here is an extracted tooth with amalgam filling. It was stimulated for a few seconds by rubbing the same way you would stimulate it when you eat or drink.
The "smoke" is mercury vapor and if you can see it it means the amount of mercury in the air is hundreds times higher than the recommended level.
This is what goes on in your mouth for 24 hours a day. Every day.

Mercury was banned in paints, thermometers, batteries and many other consumer products 
but shockingly mercury is still allowed in your mouth, two inches away from your brain. It is one of the biggest insanities in the history of modern medicine. And you are 
taking part in it.
For 200 years the corrupt medical industry and uneducated dentists have been telling us that mercury is "safe", "inactive" or "in low doses". The validity of these claims is 
anecdotal, at best.
Mercury does not have a role in the human body. It is the most toxic, non-radioactive element found in nature.
Here is a list of mercury-related neuropsychiatric symptoms: Insomnia, Nervousness, Hallucinations, Memory loss, Headache, Dizziness, Anxiety, Irritability, Drowsiness, Depression
Physical symptoms: kidney damage, anorexia, fatigue, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diarrhea, gum disease, swollen glands and many others
80% of the mercury trapped in your body is collected in the kidneys often leading to their damage. This was confirmed in animal studies.

Mercury is also highly damaging to developing brains.
Mercury presents a serious threat to pregnant women and their fetuses.
After birth mercury is also present in mother's milk.

Amalgams constantly undergo deterioration in your mouth releasing mercury.
That's not the worst part. Dental amalgams create synergistic toxicity. All metals react with each other and form sixteen more toxic corrosion products.
One amalgam filling is so toxic that it can make a lake like this unsafe for fishing.
It is a lie that fish are the predominant source of exposure to mercury. Almost all of it comes from amalgams.
World Health Organization has deemed mercury unsafe at any level of exposure.
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and Japan have banned amalgams.
European Union reached a provisional agreement to start banning dental amalgam fillings from July 1, 2018.

Amalgams are so dangerous that they can't be safely removed without following a special protocol and using special equipment.
In one study removal of dental amalgams from people with neurological problems led to clinical improvements in 70% of them.
Get rid of them. Don't let any uneducated dentist take away your health.
Look up 'safe amalgam removal protocol'

Airplane Crash Truth: Shocking Airport Maintenance Video

I wanted to share with you a video of shocking aircraft maintenance I witnessed at one of the busiest European airports. I am not a big fan of flying but after seeing this I really didn't feel comfortable getting on a plane.

Jan 31, 2018

Sugar Truth: What it really does to your body

Video about shocking sugar experiments showing the destructive effect on your body.

Attractiveness is a choice

You decide how attractive you are.
You attractiveness is made of your body language, your tone of voice, your self-esteem, a lot of things. But between 60 and 90% of what you communicate to the outside world is non-verbal, which means it is affected by your personality. 
Attractiveness is a choice and it is half who you are and half how others see it.
How attractive you are depends on what you think of yourself and how you express it. Your body is just a package for the beauty inside. Your sense of humor, talents, kindness, empathy, ability to love.
It is all subjective and relative. Attractiveness doesn't equal attraction. It's perception is driven by hormones like oxytocin and adrenaline and that's why physical attractiveness actually has very little value. 
Unless you want to become a model you will only need it once in your life - when you are looking for a partner to start a family.
Physical attractiveness lasts only for a moment in your life, then it gradually becomes hard work before it goes away for ever. If you build your life around obsession with looks, what happens when it disappears?
Statistically people concerned with their appearance are more stressed and anxious.
Whatever you look like it is the REAL you. You will never feel attractive by comparing yourself to somebody else. There is no other person like this in the world. There is nothing attractive about trying to be or look like somebody else. The world doesn't need another copy but we all need a genuine inspiration.
If you feel you are not beautiful enough you will never feel smart enough, interesting enough, important enough. You will never be enough.
Your low self-esteem is a result of marketing strategy of fashion and beauty industry. You were programmed to feel unattractive.
I have never met a person whose body or face needed plastic surgery, but I know a lot of people who need a lot of work done in other areas - confidence enlargement, self-esteem enhancement, anxiety reduction. 
Remember that aging is a natural part of being a human being.
Body fat is not your enemy BUT you should strive to be the best version of yourself. This means having a healthy body. It is supposed to last your whole life so take good care of it. There is nothing attarctive about diabetes.
You were born attractive in a beautiful body. Your physical appearance is not a mistake to be fixed. There is no such a thing as imperfection because you were created perfect. There are no universal beauty standards because beauty is not seen with eyes but felt with a heart.
You are beautiful to those who matter. And the one who matters most is you.
It is a scientific fact that happiness makes you automatically more attractive. A smile is the best make-up you can wear and we all want you to be beautiful.
Be confident and happy with who you are, that's what attractiveness really is.

36 Years Ago Being a Woman Was Very Different

Within one generation printed media redefined what being a woman is about.

What have we done to Christmas?!

Each of us will spend $750 / £600 on Christmas presents.
60% of them will be an unwanted miss (£700 million wasted in the UK).

We will be buying Lego sets at a rate of 100,800 per hour.
Your child will get a total of 15 presents.
We will use 40% of all batteries produced annually.

35% of us will borrow money for Christmas (£1.5 billion in the UK).
It will take between 5 months and 10 years to pay it off.

Santa will be back - a marketing figure created by Coca-Cola.
Rudolph the Reindeer is also a corporate invention.

We will bring home 35 million Christmas trees (USA) / 8 million (UK).
It takes 10 years to grow one.

We will cook 22 million turkeys (USA) / 10 million (UK)
We will throw away 20% of them.

In fact around 4.2 million Christmas dinners will be wasted (UK).
That's 230,000 tons, worth £64 million.

We will eat 150 million chocolate santas.
And we will add 1 pound (0.5 kg) to our weight.

Today, 54% of us think that Christmas is overrated
and that the reason we celebrate Christmas is irrelevant.

What have we done to Christmas?
Christmas is not about excess, stress and spending.

Christmas is about:
Celebrating and showing your love to others.
Forgiving and being grateful.
Uniting with your family.
Sharing happiness with others.

Christmas is about each other.
Look around and help those in need - the homeless, lonely, and the poor.

Christmas has not lost its meaning.
It is just us who lost it.

Going Viral: What it's REALLY like - Facts, Figures & Emotions

At the end of September 2016 I uploaded a video called Ugly Truth In Beauty Magazines. Within two weeks it was viewed 10 million times and today it has more than 15 million views. Two weeks later I uploaded my next video called Tap Water Truth - We're All Drinking Sewage and it reluctantly went viral but with a much smaller number of views - close to a million in 6 weeks.

I am going to tell you now what happens when your video is watched by millions of people. This is the information I was always interested in and could never find online so I will share it with you.

It is important that you keep in mind that this is from the point of view of someone who has achieved their first video making success after almost 10 years of trying. 
The second thing I'd want you to be aware of is that yes, videos go viral every day but the video I am talking about is not a sneezing giraffe type of a video but an inspirational video that changes the way people think. And it is the more important type. 
And also - the video went facebook viral which might be different than youtube viral. I don't know yet what it is like when a video is viral on youtube - I haven't had that experience yet.

Watch the video to see what it looks like.

So here is what it means to go viral: 
You will get an insane boost of confidence - there is no bigger praise than hundreds of thousands of people telling you that you did great. It is indescribable. 
You will become an inspiration to a lot of people who often need to hear what you are dying to say. 
There is a book written by a surgeon who had an amazing out of body experience and went to a magical place where you are loved and praised by everyone. I can only imagine that it's what it feels like. 
You feel smart - Going viral is the holy grail of video production it is as if you were given YouTube or Facebook Nobel prize.

You will quickly learn that planning is worthless because everything changes. 
You finally have a sense of direction. You know where you're going and you will start working like crazy. 
You won't mind being tired. You will enjoy a freshly rediscovered love of life. 
You don't have the sense of wasting time anymore. Your relationship with time will change and it will just flow without bothering you 
You'll put on hold everything else in your life. Managing a viral video is a full time job. 
You will love going to sleep just so that you can wake up and see the overnight progress. It sounds crazy but that's what happens.

You realize that who you are - all your good traits and flaws and your good and bad experiences - what you're made of becomes a story that someone will want to hear about. Every painful moment in your life will have value from now on. 
You will be given powers you never had before. You have to know how to use them. 
Suddenly you realize that you can send across any message you want and that can change a lot of things. Even globally. This is a huge responsibility that will shape your future

You'll become part of internet history. As long as people are connected digitally you will be there for ever and internet becomes your business card 
You will change lives or make a permanent memory in minds of millions of people as long as they live

You will get an overview of what humans are about. You will learn that you know nothing about what people like and what is shareable. You will re-learn social media.
You will realize there is a lot of people on this planet. and a lot of them are successful. you are a part of that group now. you have achieved what you wanted to achieve and you know how it feels. 
there are a lot of crazy people out there. a lot 
immediately people will want things from you and a lot of it will be very random. You will quickly become that person you always hated - the one who didn't have time for you or didn't want to help you. People will share their intimate stories with you. You will get marriage proposals. You will get business proposals. Because of the video people you know will open up to you and will tell you what they have always thought about you and how they appreciate you and your work. People normally don't do it.

You will learn which of your friends didn't value or respect you 
You will learn that a lot of your friends have great ideas 
there is no one who will understand how you feel 
You stop being polite to people because openings, greetings regards and how-are-yous take too much time 
At the same time you will see that success triggers pc correctness and auto-censorship

It is the most amazing psychotherapy session: 
It's a great remedy for feeling alone. you have now so many people to talk to. You get to share your thoughts with everybody. 
you have an unlimited number of possibilities to make friends 
your facebook page will become the best entertainment system on the planet. messages, comments, shares, likes, dislikes, emails, it never ends!

Going viral is one thing but going global is crazy. My video was immediately translated to 20 languages by fantastic people who volunteered to do it and you will be contacted by people living in places you didn't even know exist.

You will see people promote their businesses with your video. Your work will become a vehicle for many things you didn't even know could be connected in any way. 
People and news sites will be writing articles, blogs and making own videos about you and your video. Many of them will never tell you about this. Googling yourself becomes addictive 
You will get your first haters. This part deserves its own video and I will tell you about it soon.

People will steal your videos. You need a lot of self-control as you will have to deal with a lot of theft, copyright infringement and other nonsense. This also needs to be told about separately. 
You will realize that the whole world is trying to do the same thing - tell a story and make someone listen to it. That's all it is about.

The two weeks between my videos was pure agony, waiting to see if I can repeat my success. Clicking the upload button on your next video is a very stressful experience 
You will start feeling uncomfortable around other viral videos. And I mean crazy uncomfortable like - why is it viral? how many views? why are they not watching my video?

You will appreciate the technology we have today. That millions of people can watch your creation in a matter of minutes is beyond insane. 
At the same time you will realize that facebook and youtube are very unprofessional platforms

Now some figures: 
A video doesn't go viral overnight. It takes a few days for it gain momentum. 
you go bananas when the video reaches 10 000 views. After a week you start getting depressed when it stops hitting 1 million a day 
For every 34 views there is one share. 
more than half of the views is below 10 seconds, which means it doesn't really matter. 
only 18% watch it with sound on 
for every million views you will get 1000 likes on your fcb page.

What does it all mean? 
Every hour, every day, every month and every year you spend working on something you love is worth achieving your goal. For a video producer seeing their video go global is the most fulfilling and most thrilling experience possible. 
Life has no real value if you don't do what you love and if you don't fulfill your destiny. For me it has been an amazing journey that I started more than 20 years ago which I will tell you about one day and I know this is just the beginning. 
You will not know what your role on this planet is until you start realizing yourself and fulfilling your dreams. No effort is too big and no work is too hard to be in a place you are supposed to be.

How To Be A Successful Trolling Hater In 10 Easy Steps

Here is a typical trolling hater. Ignorant, negative, depressed and disgusting. In this short presentation we will show you how to be like him. 

1. An online hater is an absolute zero. A non-contributing nobody who hates everyone better than him: anyone more creative, successful, famous, intelligent or attractive - he will troll and hate all of those who have what he wants. 

2. Ideally a troll lives with his mom and is unemployed. Since hating is a full time job it is important that he doesn't have a life and that hating is his main occupation. He puts in some serious hours into this job. A typical youtube hooligan will clock at least 100 hours a week skipping toilet breaks. 

3. Being a coward is a must. Troll has very low courage levels and hides behind the safety of his screen. But he is fearless and brave in the online world. As there are no consequences for his anonymous actions, being a sadist has never been easier. 

4. Self-hatred is the fundamental condition of a successful social media vandal. This is how he can spill aggression, frustration and cruelty onto others. 

5. It is a requirement to be mentally ill. Paranoia, psychopathy, bipolar disorder, persecutory delusion, megalomania - anything goes. But ideally he has a good mix of them all. 

6. Remember there is really a thin line between being a hater and a fan. Follow your victims fanatically but make sure the reasons are as confusing to them as they are to you. 

7. Like his role models a trolling hater also wants to put everything in order and make the world more like him. This is why he picks on ethnic minorities, disabled people, homosexuals and women.

8. Learn to speak Hater Troll - the internet language of choice for all intense nerds made of misspellings, poor grammar, incomprehensible acronyms and idiotic puns. You can also try Cliche, Bullshit or Pure Jibberish 

9. Caps Lock is the hater's favorite key. Pressing it gently every time before making an important statement drastically increases the chances of owning his opponents. 

10. A troll has a vivid imagination that allows him to convince himself he is almighty, powerful and influential and that his acts of keyboard activism have a wide imaginary audience applauding his countless acts of comment section domination. 

Every skilled trolling hater needs to be aware of the threats awaiting him online. Being ignored takes away all of a troll's powers and makes him impotent. That's why it is crucial that you, dear viewer, do engage in long, illogical pseudo-scientific discussions and pointless exchanges of insults. 
But there is something much worse that can happen to a self-righteous cyber heckler and that is unexpected kindness. It is a troll's ultimate Kryptonite that renders him unable to perform. 

That concludes the theoretical part. Now we can move on to practice. The best place to do this is this YouTube channel. Any of those horrible videos will do. What are you waiting for? The comment section will not insult itself! Troll away! 

If you have watched this video please hug a hater and subscribe for more instructional videos. 

Feel Great: 36 Important Life Lessons in 36 Years

Life is very, VERY short. Do it right and it will be long enough. You live 29,000 days. Make sure it is not the same day repeated 29,000 times. 

Life never gets easier. You just get better at it. Continuous change is the only stable element in your life. 

Reality is negotiable. What you see is what you believe. The world around you is your thoughts. Change them and you will change the world. 

Find your purpose in life. Help others. Be of value to them. Only then will life make sense. 

Don't worry about the future, don't worry about the world, don't worry about anything. 

Have a plan. The pain of living an unfulfilled life is much worse than the pain of hard work and searching for your purpose in life. 

Who are you? Close your eyes and imagine money isn't a problem anymore. What would you do right now? That's who you are. 

What you are looking for is looking for you. If you need coordinates get in touch with Resilience. Or with A Lot Of Work. 

Love is the only currency of this life. It is the fabric of this reality that holds everything together. It is the only reason we are all here. 

No amount of time and energy is ever too much to find the right life partner. It is probably the most important decision in your life that will make it fun or will turn it into a chore. 

The only working relationship is when you guard each other's freedom and a one in which you grow separately without growing apart. 

Think a thousand times before you get married and before you have children. It is not for everybody and it doesn't say anywhere that you have to do it. 

Don't waste your time on family or friends who suck the life out of you. Forget those who made you cry. Hug the person that makes you smile. 

Stay positive as much as possible. Learn to meditate. Staying relaxed is one of the most important skills in life. That and knitting. 

Do whatever it takes to do what you love in life. Don't ever have a 'job'. Success is a by-product of enthusiasm. Failure is simply somebody else's opinion of the outcome. 

Review your mistakes and learn from them. Try not making them again. 3 is the magic number. Or 15. Your call. 

Happiness is an inside job. Make others happy to be happy. Tickle if necessary. 

Don't chase after happiness. Chase after fulfillment. Dream big. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. The more mistakes you make the quicker you will reach your destination.

If you're over 30 and you're not angry and full of doubts you are doing something wrong.

Age is a gimmick created by candle manufacturers. You can be 17 at 90. Easy. Who is gonna stop you. 

Don't celebrate the day you were born. Celebrate the day you learned why you were born. 

You are not perfect. You never were, you never will be. No one is. Being 'imperfect' is awesome! 

Good or bad - you always get more of what you give away and what you focus on. If people don't like you don't blame them. It’s you. Maybe not always. But 9 times out of 10. 

Problems fitting in? It means you were born to stand out. If they laugh at you for being different laugh at them for being the same. 

Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken. There is only one copy of your mind, your body and your personality. Make the most of it. That's when you're really free. 

The quality of your life depends on one thing only – how you deal with not getting what you want out of life, or what you think you deserve. 

Be grateful for all you have. No matter how bad you think you have it, there is always a dude down the road who would give anything to be in your situation. 

Don't be scared. Fear is pointless. Unless there is a bear. Is there a bear? Then don't be scared. 

All the fear in your life is 90% things that will never happen and 10% things you can handle. The end of fear is the beginning of life. 

When you hit rock bottom you're supposed to start looking for diamonds.

Be strong. You can take much much more than you think or know about yourself. We all have issues. Some of us more than IKEA catalog. Identify your ego and surgically remove it. 

How you see yourself is how others will see you. Get to know yourself. Accept yourself. Like yourself. Unless you're an asshole. Have no mercy if you're an asshole. 

Money is not what you think. Money is actually very expensive.

Money is usually the biggest cause of stress in life. Yet the nicest and most important things in life usually require no money. Don't ever have any debt. 

If you think you're not wealthy put a price tag on your kidney, your left eye, your daughter and your dreams. Add it all up. Guess what, you're a gazillionaire. 

Institutionalized education is a waste of time. Ask any billionaire. Educate yourself. You've got internet. Always, ALWAYS look for the truth. 

If evil and negativity in the world bother you get rid of it in yourself and watch it go viral. Works faster than YouTube.

Do whatever you want but don't hurt anything or anybody. 

Remember that people almost never change. 

We're All Drinking Sewage: Tap Water Truth

A shocking video about the nasty truth in tap water and why you shouldn't drink it or cook with it.

This was meant to be a simple explanation of my tap water experiment video that went viral but it turned out to be an angry response to all the trolls and haters. It still answers many questions regarding the tap water vs mineral water debate:

Jan 30, 2018

Magazine Truth VICTORY. You CAN change things!

This is how you change things one video at a time. 

In September 2016  I made a short video about the negative effects of excessive advertising and photoshopping in fashion and beauty magazines. It went viral and was watched by 65+ million people around the planet. If you haven't seen it yet the link is below. 

Two months later I was given the cover of Cosmo UK. This is the first time in the history of Cosmopolitan UK where a plus size model is being featured on the cover of their magazine. I think it is the first time because I went back 10 years and checked every cover they had and there was nothing like that (maybe except Rebel Wilson but that's a different category)

Now, it could be a coincidence. But the reason I don't think it is a coincidence is this: three weeks after uploading the video I was sent a screenshot of a message written by one of the key decision makers at Cosmopolitan who was defending the quality of the content of the magazine after seeing my video. I don't want to tell you the name of the person because I wasn't targeting Cosmo, it just happened to be a magazine I reviewed. It could have been any magazine. 
The video made rounds in the fashion world and was talked about and I know this because I had thousands of messages and comments from models, photographers, editors, writers, basically all the people who make up the industry. And then there was this message. I think the chances are pretty big that Cosmo had to react. 

But even if it was not my video, this move on Cosmopolitan's side is a great example of how a half-century-old magazine has to listen to what women say. 
If I understand this correctly they have a combined monthly readership of about 2 million people and a circulation of about 400 000 here in the UK. I am not sure. Nevertheless! 16 mln views vs 2 million readers - I think you have to make some pretty drastic changes in the way you portray women if you want to stay in business. And the video is still being viewed - yesterday it had a total of 30 000 views on youtube and facebook. 30 000 views a day! 

Why am I telling you this. You have the power to change the world around you. If anyone tells you you don't - you do. 
I made my video using a 10 year old camera and a shoelace. And according to facebook the video reached 44 mln people. It made people realize how women are being portrayed in magazines. And I am not even a woman! What do I know about women's issues? All I care about is the truth and the ads in magazines just happened to be something that I didn't agree with and wanted to make everyone aware of. 
You can change things. We live in a world where you can reach millions by speaking up about things that are wrong. Even if my video was not the precursor to Ashley being shown on the cover it was a part of a new wave of social media disapproval to what media and fashion industry really does to women around the world. And it is not a new problem - here is an edition of Cosmo issued a few months before my birth 36 years ago and it is the same story. Sex, you're not good enough, blah blah. 

Now my video was supposed to be just an eye-opener about magazine ads but what I found out after it went viral was truly shocking. I know I overuse this word but this time I can say I was shocked by how abusive this industry is. The video has something close to 160 000 comments, I read maybe 2000, it is physically impossible to read more. But reading them was like opening Pandora's box. 
If you want to know the truth about the fashion industry and what I found out, let me know and I will make another vlog about this. 

For now just remember this - you might think your small voice can't be heard - that is not true. You can reach millions and initiate change in the world. It is all about telling the truth and addressing important issues. Go for it. 

Also these magazines exist only because they have readers. They will have to change their content if the readers tell them to. They can get away with only that much abuse before people stop buying the magazine. They have to be flexible and they have to adjust. And they have to listen to your voice. You can help millions of women by simply speaking up. Say something and connect with others and they will have to listen to you.

Stay Beautiful: Ugly Truth In Beauty Magazines

A shocking video about the ugly truth hidden in beauty and fashion magazines.

Smoking Weed With Donald Trump - secret interview on legalization

On cannabis legalization, punching Hillary in the face and dating Ivanka. Listen to Donald Trump swear, drop the f-bomb and storm out of the room.

Marihuana Truth: 420 Trillion Dead

Marijuana—public enemy number one, commonly distributed as a doped cigarette.
You might have heard of it, or you might have tried it yourself. It has many popular street names like Satan's Broccoli, Dirty Bush, Jamaican Bazooka, or simply Scooby Dubbie Honey Boo Boo Oompa-Loompa.
You might have also heard that weed is the oldest and largest agricultural crop in the world, with an unlimited number of industrial and medicinal uses capable of making the world cleaner, safer, healthier, friendlier, kinder, happier and funnier. These are all lies and conspiracy theories. Because marijuana is a deadly poison. A drug menace destroying the youth of the world. With its roots in hell, it leads to shocking violence, soul destruction, and incurable insanity. It is estimated that marijuana kills 420 trillion people every year; but dying is not the only danger of smoking weed. The horrible effects of marijuana on the human body include excitement, hunger, happiness, and sometimes even relaxation.

So you might ask: why is weed bad for you? Because it is illegal. Why is it illegal? Because it is bad for you. A recent study found that everyone who smokes pot gets lung cancer. Unlike cigarettes and tobacco — which have absolutely no impact on health — marijuana will cause lung cancer, whether it is one hit or 22,000 joints. If you don't want to be one of the six million who die from marijuana smoke every year, use tobacco instead. It is legal, and therefore good for you.
Or try alcohol. Unlike booze, weed kills 3.3 million people globally, and it will also increase your risk of DUI and being in a car crash, as it causes fast and risky driving.
Not only is marijuana crazily addictive after only one hit, but it is also a gateway drug. 50% of society has smoked pot at some point in their lives, and look at them now—look at all those hundreds of millions of hopeless cocaine and heroin junkies. Pot use as been decriminalized in Argentine, Belgium, Netherlands, India, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, Finland, Colombia, and Germany, and these countries have experienced social implosions and moral cataclysms of biblical proportions.
Remember that marijuana is very easy to overdose on. Only 1,500 pounds of marijuana smoked within fifteen minutes is all it takes to induce a lethal response. 

That marijuana smoke doesn’t only kill; it is responsible for ozone depletion, global warming, global cooling, acid rain, and climate change. Also remember that if you smoke, you support Communists, Satan, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Kardashians. Take prescription drugs instead; they’ve never killed a single person. Beware of marijuana, though, because it kills 78,000 people every year.
But that's not all. There are dangers of lingering contaminants in marijuana sold on the street, because dealers might add asbestos, roofies, aspartame, diabetes, chemtrails, and nuclear waste.

Marijuana can make a criminal out of anyone; all you have to do is put it in your pocket. That's how powerful it is! There is a clear moral equivalent between murder and possessing a dried flower. There is also the danger of rape. Once arrested for marijuana possession, you will get gorilla raped by your cell inmate.

However, there are even more dangers. Did you know that if you smoke weed you will experience a 320% decline in your IQ, and your sperm count will turn negative? Did you know that if you mix marijuana with gunpowder it will explode in your mouth, or that if twenty pounds of weed is mixed with concrete and thrown off a roof it will kill instantly? Or that the plastic bag marijuana comes in can cause two months of constipation when swallowed? Worst of all: did you know that marijuana is bad, because what would Jesus say?

Many public and historical figures have made it openly clear they have never, ever smoked marijuana, and that they never will, including people like:
Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso, Pythagoras, Van Gogh, Jules Verne, Elvis Presley, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Carl Sagan, Stephen King, the Beatles, UB40, Sting, Bruce Lee, Terry Pratchett, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Jane Fonda, Frank Sinatra, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Kennedy, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Joan of Arc, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Morgan Freeman, Bill Murray, Roseanne Barr, Joe Rogan, Louis CK, Conan O’Brian, Russell Brand, Howard Stern, Joan Rivers, and Walt Disney.

To be a valuable, contributing member of society, you need to abstain from pot. Weed destroys creativity. In fact, it is common knowledge that most of human creation is accredited to sobriety.

Help us wage the most logical, effective, and beneficial war in history—the war on drugs! It is a century-old war that has decriminalized generations, emptied the courts and prisons, increased taxpayer money, and made gangsters a thing of the past. More than 50 000 000 people have been arrested since the 70’s, and, finally, marijuana can't be found in any high school. Thanks to our relentless efforts, in the last century there has been a massive decrease of marijuana use by about 100 000%. In fact, we have transformed the lives of all of those dangerous, arrested potheads, and by confiscating their property we turned them from insane criminals to upstanding citizens! Because Marijuana arrests are evenly distributed across the social classes, and are mainly imposed on majorities like wealthy Caucasians in rich neighborhoods, the jails are now being closed down and fathers are able to return to their jobs to feed their families. And those who get arrested never use weed again! All they need is a proper punishment, and their lives are back on track! Their lives are not ruined.
We all know that criminalizing anything improves social structures, and today's drug policy is modern and trust-building. Like in the case of alcohol and sexual prohibition, the marijuana prohibition works and is highly effective. It’s also cheap; it has cost only one trillion dollars so far. How else are we supposed to feed doctors, judges, lawyers, prison guards, policemen, and drug testers? What other propaganda platform do you imagine politicians be elected on? Homelessness? Unemployment? Affordable healthcare? Illiteracy? No. We need to make nature illegal. The war on drugs has to be won! No one wants weed legalized. Today, only a small minority of 60% of society supports marijuana legalization.

But there is something much worse than weed. What is this threat, you ask? It is you! You are the biggest enemy to yourself! You might be an adult, but you shouldn't be allowed to make decisions about anything. You're irresponsible, and you need to be protected from yourself. Think about the convenience of not having to make any decisions ever again! Just be a follower; we have been taking care of you for centuries with amazingly positive results! Leave it to us. We know best what state of mind is good for you. If you have a lifestyle different than we approve, you must be helped! And because weed is not right for us, so it is not right for you.

In recent years, you might have heard some tree-hugging hippies spreading malicious lies about marijuana treating incurable diseases in needlessly suffering children. Because we say no to drugs, we say no to those suffering children. The modern medical industry didn't get to where it is now by providing simple and natural solutions. A non-toxic miracle drug? Remember the rule — if you can pronounce it, it doesn't work. No way can we accept this as medicine. How can we change our eighty-year-old rhetoric? Do you realize how idiotic we would all look? Not to the mention the loss of social trust in the establishment and the inevitable collapse of the system.

We believe in better living through chemistry, so it is easier to redefine science and biology. Modern medicine is about regulating your relationship with mother earth, and weed has a history of medicinal use for only 4,000 years. How can we know what it really does? We are not about to lose billions due to a plant.

Remember our words. Marijuana does not help those suffering from Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, depression, epilepsy, glaucoma, heart disease, hepatitis, herpes, HIV, Huntington’s disease, insomnia, migraine, multiple sclerosis, nausea, osteoporosis, pain, Parkinson’s, PTSD, schizophrenia, Tourette’s Syndrome, and definitely not cancer. In fact, it is so useless that we have just patented its non-medical effects. The Establishment is made of highly reliable experts, and everything we have been telling you is true. Look at the safe and healthy world we have created for you. Listen to your doctor and the medical industry. Marijuana is snake oil! No medicine can cure so many diseases at the same time. This would mean that marijuana is and does exactly the opposite of what we have been telling you for decades! That's preposterously ridiculous, and ridiculously preposterous.

You might also have heard rumors that the marijuana issue has exposed the truth about the corrupt nature of the establishment. Nothing further from the truth. We are the same people who were right about cocaine curing colds, radioactive water curing eczema and cigarettes curing cancer! Your health and not being our paying customer ever again is all we care about!
How can it be a universal, free, non-invasive miracle cure if it has been illegal for 80 years? That's nonsense. What's next? Magic mushrooms instantly curing depression and PTSD? Stop the madness! I repeat – active ingredients in marijuana when extracted to oil do not shrink tumors! 8 million who die every year can't be saved.

We have a perfectly logical strategy of demonizing the personal use of marijuana, while at the same time trying to make money off its non-medicinal properties. It is genius and it works!
Trust the Establishment! After all, it is made of young, honest, open-minded, and altruistic intellectuals! These are people with a lot of background in social science, psychiatry, chemistry, and medicine who have your health and social interest at heart.

So what can be done about it? Tell your children! They need to know we're on the right side of history. Make sure they remember us as heroes in our war against the devil and illegally self-healing hippies. This is the most important war of all: a war on a deadly plant. Help us put an end to this side-effects-free fun. Instead of reality, we need to concentrate on the ideal imaginary world that we want to live in. Help us go back to the good old days of no internet-based social awareness, and no limitless exchange of information. Join us! This war needs to be won at all cost—no price is too high, no victim is too innocent. We do not stand in the way of progress. Don't believe this is political, money-fueled propaganda or that we are profiting from suffering. We are not your enemy, and you don't need to fight us with all your power. There is no reason for concern, because you are not being oppressed and brainwashed. 

You are free. Everything is fine. It's business as usual. You are not a commodity in our system, don't think that war on drugs is war on you. The cat is not out of the bag, and this is not game over for us. We are not fighting a lost battle, and we are not giving up.