Nov 12, 2017

Stand Up For Louis C.K. - we need to defend Louie against corporate media witch hunt

The following text is based on the accusation published in the New York Times in November 2017, the assumption that's all there is to it, and Louie's official apology that followed it. Most of us feel that Louie is innocent and this text is a logical breakdown explaining why the whole thing doesn't make sense.

Why did it happen?
There is an obvious discrepancy between the seriousness of the accusations and the severity of the punishment with which media decided to bring down one of the greatest comedians of our times. Louie CK hasn't done anything wrong and the outrage is nothing but conveniently-timed preemptive, mainstream media-smokescreen for real cases of sexual harassment and an attempt to create the right climate for the impeachment of Donald Trump. It also might very well be an attempt to stifle the growth of any independent creation. Whatever this is it definitely looks like an establishment-coordinated witch hunt fueled by Hollywood's fear of losing its rapidly dwindling power. 

Louis CK is a man
There may be many possibilities, one of them being the fairly new gender-dividing process in action and in this case it would be an orchestrated attempt to cause chaos and division in order to introduce more social control. Whatever it is please remember that there are no mistakes in media and politics and there is a hidden agenda behind the attack on Louis CK.

Why now?
Why are those published stories from more than 20 years ago? I heard of them a long time ago. I think most people in comedy circles did. Why now? It is unusual for all media to eagerly and simultaneously report on something so trivial and not news-worthy. It usually means there is a plan behind it. Pay attention to the timing; it happened at the same time as all other allegations of celebrity sexual abuse and this all might have been a softening smokescreen for allegations against all the real rapists who should have been jailed a long time ago. Sylvester Stallone paid millions of dollars to his half-sister who claimed he assaulted her for years at the height of his fame. Where was media in 2013 to cover this? Woody Allen married his own daughter. Where was the NYT when that happened? Roman Polanski received an Oscar after being accused of raping a minor. Why would Hollywood and media be ok with this? 

Who is the real accuser?
The outrage is not about Louis CK. Mainstream media and Hollywood represent everything that's wrong with the world. It is a money-driven propaganda machine with a long history of deception and destruction. There is a lot of talk about Louis abusing power yet it is the New York Times and the mainstream media that are abusing their position to destroy somebody's 30-year career for no apparent reason. If you believe in what they say you are their customer or their victim and it means you have been successfully brainwashed. 
The current outrage is soccer-mom noise. People who have a lot to say about his behavior are usually people who should keep their mouths shut because It feels like most of the outrage comes from those who don't know much about Louie. His fans seem to be very logical and come up with arguments similar to mine. If you are looking to be offended in the most artificial way, then you may not be capable of reasoning like an adult. Virtue signaling is now a norm and it seems that feeling outraged is compulsory. The next day the NYT published an article attacking Apu on the Simpsons. They are clearly rummaging through all concepts and people to get offended by.  It also looks like it is necessary to tell your own story even if there is nothing offensive about it. In the case of Rebel Willson, who claimed she was sexually "assaulted" when there was a joke made about her sticking a finger up a person's ass. Or Aziz Ansari's taking someone out on a bad date and then having full description of it plastered all over the internet.

NYT is clearly going bananas

"I Don't Love You, Daddy"
Anyone who was lucky enough to see the screening of "I Love You, Daddy" might have noticed that Louie stepped on a very dangerous territory. He made a counter-propaganda movie bashing feminism and talking about pedophilia by using establishment pawns. This created an unacceptable situation where the people who are supposed to work on behalf of the industry's brainwashing rhetoric took part in something that stands in huge conflict with it. Louie tried to be a part of a world that was against his ideology and he got a big slap on the wrist. He is not Hollywood elite so in order to understand this you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It seems this was an attack delivered with surgical precision at the right moment to ruin Louie financially. Louie pays for all his movie productions with his own money and the cancellation of the distribution of "I Love You, Daddy" can have now serious financial implications, even to someone with a net worth of $25 million. Also the moment in which Louie decided to buy out the rights to the movie from The Orchard suspiciously coincides with the torrent leak which would indicate that someone really doesn't want Louie to make any money on this movie.

Outrage by design
This is not as black and white as mainstream media wants it to be. No one knows what really happened. The public should get their facts correct before they start Instafacetweetchatting their bold statements.

Eliza Shlezinger said she was contacted by the NYT regarding additional sexual harassment stories about Louie or other similar descriptions of incriminating situations she might be willing to sell to them. This is proof of outrage by design. Mainstream media is actively seeking other comedians to continue the public lynch. It is a free ride for all in the industry - you remember something vaguely? Let us know. We will put you in the spotlight. Be a fame whore.

It is obvious people are not buying this fake-outrage propaganda

Mainstream media hyenas
MSM also has a serious problem with keeping their stories straight. After Kevin's Spacey "apology" MSM blatantly ignored the fact that he apologized for making sexual advances on a minor and instead concentrated on the fact that he decided to come out as gay. The New York Times also has selective memory. According to The Wrap in 2004, the New York Times intentionally stripped a story about Harvey Weinstein off any sexual accusations making sure no one finds out the truth. The hypocrisy is a part of the business - as long as everyone was making money out of Louis CK's fame he was the biggest comedian of the last decade. Within one day everyone jumped to his throat like a bunch of hyenas. He is down, kick him now. Pathetic.
This process of elevating someone to the top just to destroy him right after that is well known in Hollywood. It is common knowledge and Trey Parker and Matt Stone even made a Britney Spears episode on South Park about it. 

Holier than thou
How is it possible that the whole world within one day did a full 180 on someone so admired? Is all of his creation irrelevant now? You can now find idiotic articles claiming that if you laugh at Louie's jokes you are responsible for "rape culture" (whatever that is). After all Louis CK changed the comedy landscape and pioneered new methods of movie distribution and he brought laughter to millions of people. He did an amazing thing. Shouldn't he get credit for this? With a brilliant, creative mind like this, wouldn't you expect some level of deviation? Louis has built his career on outrage and controversy and that's what we love him for. Given his social contribution - does he not deserve forgiveness from all those holier than thou? Who are they to judge? Are they so normal themselves? Where is this mythical, ideal saint they all measure Louie against? When you read "it is not normal" - you mean not like his accusers? What is sexually normal? To me his sexual behavior is more normal than that of women with rape fantasies and from my personal experience it seems to be a norm among women.

Who is the real victim
I made a lot of videos concerning real female issues, however this is not one of them. These allegations went too far.
I understand that there are actual rape and sex abuse victims. I understand that this is a serious issue and I know that it goes much deeper than we can all imagine but what people need to realize is that the truth and logic are more important than this emotional hysteria. Where is the victim in this whole scenario? Who suffered such irreparable damage that the snowflake generation decided to lynch a comedian who was capable of selling out the Madison Square Garden four times in a row? The answer is no one. The only victim here is Louie. The people who worked with him and for him and his fans have also suffered. What's there to be gained? The only people who benefit from the fake outrage are corrupt journalists and blood sucking media and the sad truth is that they don't care about the victims, neither do most of those safe-space social justice warriors and brainwashed snowflakes.

Here is the real story
Two women said yes to a request of a man to masturbate in front of them, they laughed at it and 15 years later went public with it. You tell me how this makes sense. Nothing else happened as far as we know (a few no's and an assumption by someone talking on the phone). That's not a story. That's a joke. Jerking off in front of grown-ups is not abuse. It was an intimate situation between consenting adults in a hotel room. Why is it in the news? If one of your friends said  "let's go to my room, I'm going to masturbate in front of you" and you said yes, would you call the New York Times 12 years later? Do you realize how ridiculous the whole story sounds? How do you end up in a hotel room with a stranger and don't expect something to happen? Should we wait now for millions of rock-band groupies to start telling their accusations of assault because they didn't know what they went to the hotel room for twelve years ago? Let's get real here. You can't say yes and then claim violation when both parties were consensual. It doesn't work like that. Yes means yes. No means no. No one is a mind reader.

That's not Louie
There is one true sentence in the New York Times article: for comedians the professional environment is informal, the weirder the better. The whole situation is clearly taken out of context. We don't have the frame of reference here. Obviously if he blocked the door making them stay to watch the whole thing that's messed up. That's real abuse. But I have a hard time believing that happened the way it was described. It does not seem like something Louis CK would do. He seems to be a good human being with his heart in the right place. Anyone who has been a fan of his creation knows that. Watch all seasons of Louie. See the values he promotes in it especially since he wrote the whole thing. Do you think someone making a TV series about decency and compassion would be capable of hurting anyone? Do really think he is Bill Cosby? You can't create anything with societal value like that without being made of it and shaped by it. Can you create so much emotionally and ethically correct material while being a ruthless sexual predator? A person doesn't ask for permission and then force people to watch you masturbate. This doesn't make sense and since the whole story feels made up I am not buying it and neither should any logically thinking person.   

How disrespectful
If anything this could be an indecent exposure misdemeanor legally comparable to jaywalking. It is not a crime, it is just desperate weirdness. There are real sexual predators out there yet Louie was put in the same category as Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby who are true rapists. How disrespectful and trivializing to people who actually faced sexual assault and how disrespectful to people who genuinely care about victims of sexual abuse. Disrespectful to us, his fans, and those who never heard of him. MSM wants to treat you like an idiot. Don't let them.

No one deserves an apology
His apology is not really an apology. It is damage control and it is obvious. He does not need to provide one. You are not involved in this, it is not about you and you are not entitled to any verbal compensation from Louie. He didn't have to use the word sorry, he just acknowledged that you heard about his kink. It is between him and these women and what those women did was horrible. 

#Metoo wants attention. #Metoo wants five minutes of fame and some of that cash
Ask any normal woman how she would react to a situation like that. Ask them if they would be traumatized or hurt. And then imagine them going to the police to tell them what happened and see if they care. The only place you would get any attention would be the media. That's what they're for - blowing things out of proportion and creating artificial outrage and hysteria.
"Sexual misconduct" is a dumb phrase. As long as there are no victims and everything is consensual the "sexual" part of the phrase makes the "mis-" part redundant. You can't "misconduct" in consensual sexual activity because there are no rules. Sex is not regulated by law, these women or the journalists do not have the moral right to decide what is abnormal behavior.
That is why I feel they are those "victimized" women who should be publicly shamed - if they were really after an apology or compensation and if they suddenly realized after more than a decade that they felt abused (give me a break) they should have reached out to Louie or David Becky to talk about this. Louis CK was in a position of power in Hollywood where he could have given them anything they wanted. Instead they decided to go public with the whole thing. That's a nasty thing to do and it says a lot about their real motives. Vindictively destroying a career of the biggest comic on the planet to get 5 minutes of fame is despicable, opportunistic behavior.

Weirdness creates greatness
The Louis CK all soccer moms originally fell in love with is not the same traumatized Lucky Louie from 15 years ago. People do dumb shit, then they grow up and they fix and adjust their behavior. Men are full of testosterone and rejection can be very damaging. Louie is someone who had a shitty life. You may only know him from the last few years but all his friends got hired by SNL, not him. Sarah Silverman slept with all his friends, but not with him. His biggest dream - making Hollywood movies - was taken away from him very early in his life.  
Louie said it himself - in the imaginary land of perversion women are tourists, men are prisoners. It is usually a matter of hours or even minutes for a women to have any of her sexual desires fulfilled, and there will be almost never any legal consequences of what they do. For men it is a never-ending torture of constant temptations and unfulfilled fantasies while walking through a legal minefield.
Dear soccer moms - you will not understand the implications of sexual compulsions until you have to constantly suffer rejection and humiliation from the opposite sex. It is the same force that creates the universe - try resisting that. For some men the sexual tension is so strong they start acting on it. That's what the history of mankind is made of and that's why humans exist. How is it a surprise to anyone? In fact, that's one of the main reasons men become famous in the first place. Weirdness and drama create greatness. Most comics have traumatic backgrounds and disturbed minds. That's what drives them to do amazing things and it is common knowledge to anyone capable of rising above masses of the average Joes.

It is not just men
Sexual "misconduct" is human behavior! I myself have not done it to any woman ever but I was touched by other women many times in weird places without my permission (slapping, squeezing, kissing etc.) and a lot of that was when I was still a kid. Bill Burr said the same thing in his podcast. The only difference is that women get away with it because it is not a big deal for us. It is flattering and yes, it is not viewed as threatening so I understand the difference. Still - both sexes are guilty of this type of  behavior.

His "friends" are dicks
For Louie a beneficial side-effect of this story might the realization that his friends are assholes. It seems as if this article with the video are one of few defenses for his case. All his friends through him under the bus. From all the people who worked with him and for him it seems Bill Burr is the only one who has publicly defended him. Everyone either fake-cried, moved away or went against him. Tig Nagaro deserves a congressional medal of honor for being the biggest hypocrite of the decade. After Louie helped her through her cancer she back-stabbed him by saying she felt like she was "held hostage" by him. I am sure she also feels held hostage by all the money she is still earning as a result of his support. The silver medal should go to virtue signaling Zach Galifianakis who called Louis CK 'gross' while being himself one of the biggest beta-male, creepy weirdos in Hollywood.

Here is the bottom line
Louie got a lot of free publicity. The people who went to see his stand up in the past will go to see it again. Who cares about fake-outraged soccer moms, feminist SJWs and snowflakes. None of us ever needed them among us anyway. Louie will be back. The comedy void after his disappearance is too painful for his fans and he has to see it.
Shame on you New York Times, Netflix, HBO, FX and all other virtue signaling media corporations and actors now publicly shaming Louis CK and cutting ties with him. You think he is an easy target because his comedy is controversial but what you are forgetting is that he has millions of intelligent followers and I hope this hurts you more than it does him.
I have been a big fan of Louis CK since 2010 and I feel it is my obligation to defend him against the hypocrisy of mainstream media, social justice warriors and the self-righteous PC snowflake police. I started this channel and my videos as a result of a fascination with Louie's honesty and humor and for me and countless number of aspiring comedians he is, and always will be, a very important inspiration.

If you're a fan of Louie and if you have a chunk of your life invested in him, your obligation is to stand up for him online and in social media and share this and other videos and articles defending him. If you are a fan of comedy then fight for it and support it. Don't be silent or eventually they will come after you too and there will be no one left to stand up for you.


Dave Spellbound said...

FAIR article and worth reading. I cant see any reason Louis would quit stand-up. I hope he shrugs it off & goes back to work soon.

Anonymous said...

whacking off is a carrer ender? we're all done

Unknown said...

I'm a huge fan of Louis CK. But what he did was wrong, and he needs to be punished. So far, he has only been published monetarily. He continues to mark art and attract an audience. He's slightly less wealthy, and that's the only real consequence.

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