Mar 25, 2018

Calorie is a lie

What is a calorie?
You know the word but do you know the definition?
Probably not. So here it is:
Calorie is the energy needed to increase the temperature of a given mass of water by 1°C.
Calorie is an energy unit. You can't eat it, you can't exercise it, you can't burn it.
There are no calories in food. Calories don't exist.
Caloric value of food is measured by burning food in a combustion chamber. And that's not how human bodies work.
On average a human body needs 2000 calories a day. But here is the problem with that:
This is 2000 calories and this is 2000 calories.
One will keep you healthy and will help you lose weight, the other will make you sick and will make you gain weight.
Daily calorie intake is a myth. An average body doesn't exist. The human body is not a math equation.
Every food type is utilized differently depending on age, gender, body type, weight, metabolism, hormones, lifestyle, health, meal times, meal combinations, cooking methods, seasons, weather, and many more.
The calorie myth is used by the food industry and media to sell you food products and diet plans.
The food labels and calorie values make no sense. Here is why:
It is not a calorie but a kilocalorie (kcal). This doughnut's energy value is half a million calories or 500 kilocalories. But not 500 calories. The whole world is repeating the same nonsense.
Also calories shown on food labels can legally have a 20% margin of error. No one checks the accuracy of those numbers.
Why is this important? A 2010 study has shown that reading food labels influences eating behaviors and may have impact on your weight and your health.
Every second woman watching this video is on a diet now, in fact women on average spend 17 years of their lives dieting. We all know that most diets are not effective. Any diet based on the idea of calories will fail. Around 80% of people who lost weight will regain all of it or more within two years.
1/3 of all of us are obese. 1/5 of our healthcare related budget is spent on curing obesity-related illnesses. We all pay for this myth.
Losing weight and staying healthy is not based on quantity of food but the quality of food. You can eat as much as you want as long as it is healthy food.
You can now stop counting calories. It won't solve any weight or nutritional problems. It will make it worse.
Be smart. Stay healthy.

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