Jan 31, 2018

What have we done to Christmas?!

Each of us will spend $750 / £600 on Christmas presents.
60% of them will be an unwanted miss (£700 million wasted in the UK).

We will be buying Lego sets at a rate of 100,800 per hour.
Your child will get a total of 15 presents.
We will use 40% of all batteries produced annually.

35% of us will borrow money for Christmas (£1.5 billion in the UK).
It will take between 5 months and 10 years to pay it off.

Santa will be back - a marketing figure created by Coca-Cola.
Rudolph the Reindeer is also a corporate invention.

We will bring home 35 million Christmas trees (USA) / 8 million (UK).
It takes 10 years to grow one.

We will cook 22 million turkeys (USA) / 10 million (UK)
We will throw away 20% of them.

In fact around 4.2 million Christmas dinners will be wasted (UK).
That's 230,000 tons, worth £64 million.

We will eat 150 million chocolate santas.
And we will add 1 pound (0.5 kg) to our weight.

Today, 54% of us think that Christmas is overrated
and that the reason we celebrate Christmas is irrelevant.

What have we done to Christmas?
Christmas is not about excess, stress and spending.

Christmas is about:
Celebrating and showing your love to others.
Forgiving and being grateful.
Uniting with your family.
Sharing happiness with others.

Christmas is about each other.
Look around and help those in need - the homeless, lonely, and the poor.

Christmas has not lost its meaning.
It is just us who lost it.

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